About Us

History of Harriers Field Target Club

Harriers Field Target Club was started by Martin Morgan and Melvin Smith in the early eighties both Martin and Melvin shot field target with Stourvale Woodsmen one of the first Field Target Clubs in the Midlands. When they started the sport up again in 1994 they decided to start their own club with the help of their wives’ Tracy and Cynthia.

They acquired a ground belonging to Halesowen Harriers Football Club so they took the name Halesowen Harriers FTC. Although they had no targets and a lot of work needed to be done to the ground, Tony Wall of Hilton Park FTC helped out by coming along with Hilton members to help clear the ground and lend Harriers targets for the first 12 months whilst they got established. This required Martin or Melvin driving to Hilton to pick up and return the targets.

Their first shoot was held in October 1994 they had 40 shooters and many of them are still with the club. In November 1998 Harriers moved to their new ground at Mustow Green and dropped the Halesowen from the name and became Harriers FT Club.