Harriers Club Rules

1) Annual Club membership fees (from January 2014) are:
     a) Full member – £20.00
     b) Junior Member – £10.00 (under 18 years of age)

2) Fees are due on 1st April of each year – for new members only, there will be a sliding fee scale for members who join after that date.

3) New members who join and pay on or after 1st January of the new membership year will benefit from upto15 month’s membership in that year.

4) Existing Members who have not paid by 30th April will be deemed to be in arrears.

5) Shoot fees are as follows:
a) Club Members and holders of a current BFTA card who are members of other BFTA affiliated clubs – £3.00 Juniors £2.00
b) Shooters who are not members and who do not hold a current BFTA card will pay a ‘Day Member’ fee of £2.00 this being reduced to £1.00 for juniors.
c) Visiting shooters are subject to all Club and Safety Rules. Visiting shooters are required to ‘sign in’ and supply their name and address.

6) Members and visiting members are expected to be aware of, and at all times comply with, current legislation on the ownership and use of airguns.

7) The shooting ground may only be used on official club shoots.

8) The Club’s Safety Rules will be observed at all times.

9) It is the duty of members to uphold and report any breach of the Safety or Club rules.

10) The Range Safety Officer will have the final decision on matters of ‘Range Safety’

11) The Club holds no responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property arising from involvement in any of the activities at the club’s shooting ground.

12) The shooting ground and its access road will be used with care and respect at all times:
a) Drive slowly to avoid danger to others and wear to farm roads.
b) Parking – care should be taken when parking vehicles to avoid obstruction and damage to the grounds.
c) No wildlife to be shot at for any reason
d) Members are expected to help in the maintenance of the shooting ground and with setting out or dismantling the course.

13) The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the shooting ground or prevent from shooting, any person in breach of the Club or Safety Rules or who is giving offence to shooters, or visitors.

14) Interpretation of Club Rules. In any matter arising from or not covered by these rules the Committee shall, subject to the Club’s Constitution, have the final decision.