Harriers Safety Rules

1. All airguns shall be kept unloaded until on the firing line, with the muzzle pointed down range and ready to fire.

2. Airgun muzzles will at all times be pointed away from any person.
a. In accordance with BFTA rules, if the gun is not in a case or gun slip, the muzzle shall be pointed towards the ground when being carried.

3. When at the firing line safe procedures will be observed at all times:
a. No airgun will be cocked or loaded until a shot is to be fired down range
b. Multi shot airguns – shooters must ensure that no pellet is in the breech and the magazine must be removed between ‘lanes’ (designated firing positions).
c. When an airgun is cocked or loaded on the firing line, the safety catch (where fitted) will not be released until the muzzle is pointed at the target and the shooter is ready to fire. Shooters of airguns without safety catches should keep their fingers outside the trigger guard.
d. When cocking spring guns, the shooter must hold the barrel or cocking lever while inserting a pellet, to prevent accidental discharge of the gun and preventing injury to the shooter or others.
e. Only shoot at designated targets
f. Only shoot at targets from the designated position

4. Safe spacing of shooters on the firing line is both sensible and courteous to fellow shooters.

5. Each shooter is responsible for his or her direction of fire and for the safety of other shooters.

6. Cease-fire – When the Range Safety Officer or a Marshall declares a cease-fire (by a single whistle blast), all shooters will make their airguns safe. When the Range Safety Officer or a Marshall declares a cease-fire is over (by two whistle blasts), shooting may re-commence. See appendix 1

7. The Range Safety Officer, after instructing them in range safety, must approve junior shooters (under the age of 18).

8. No unaccompanied children will be allowed at the firing line at any time.

9. Visitors and spectators must stay sufficiently clear of shooters to allow safe access to all firing positions.

10. No alcohol will be allowed on the sighting (plinking) range or the field target course.

11. The Range Safety Officer will have the final decision on matters of ‘Range Safety’

Appendix 1
– No shooter may cross the firing line unless a cease fire is in operation, and the shooter is authorized to cross the line by the Range Safety Officer or a Marshall.

Appendix 2
– New members are required to serve a Probationary Period of not less than THREE club shoots. During this period their conduct and safe shooting practice will be monitored by a range officer or deputy. Following a satisfactory probationary period, the prospective member will entered onto the club’s records as a full member.